Wednesday, June 8, 2011

One for Me!

Well being that we are on the verge of summer means that I get a bit of a break from painting other people's goalie masks. So I did what any smart custom painter would do and rewarded myself by designing a mask of my own. It hasn't stopped raining here for the last two weeks so I really had nothing else to do.

The mask is a Bauer 960, the same one I have worn the last 14 yrs so it was time for an new one. The 960 is also my favourite mask to paint, it has a great shape to it and all you have to do is sand and and your ready to go. No stripping of factory logos and re-basing.

I new that the design was going to be in Black and White and stay neutral so that it would match most of the jerseys that I wear during a season being a spare goalie and all. I also wanted the theme to incorporate my minor hockey logo, The Bearcat, which pays homage to my home town of Jasper AB. T0E 1E0 REPRESENT! Ha! Should have put that on the mask. And of course like most traditional layouts my nickname 'Jbart' is located across the chin. That seemed to be the obvious choice's but I was then stumped on what the main theme was going to be. After a few days of brainstorming and researching on the net I came across a small image of a Sugar Skull Girl Tattoo. It was too small to reproduce but I thought it was pretty cool so I decided to modify and redraw it and run with the Latin America's Day of the Dead theme. Hope you like.